Delivering Nature's Gifts

At Natura Life + Science, we are focused on positively affecting millions of lives through the creation of a world class platform to launch and scale cannabis brands.


A platform for cannabis cultivation,
manufacturing and distribution. A solution
for current supply chain challenges.

Research Development

State-of-the-art, global influence,
pharma best practices.


Industry leading quality & efficiency, selective genetics, rigorous tissue testing, contaminant control, vigorous strains.


Quality Management System, full complement of capabilities, pharma grade facilities & processes, GMP standards.


Proprietary systems and cutting
edge technologies driving and
connecting all that we do.


World-class team of in-house
branding and marketing experts.


Natura provides expertise in identifying and securing appropriate distribution channels, lab testing, and the supply chain, through our approved vendors and strategic partnerships. 

First Campus Opening 2020

Natura Life+Science’s 265,000 square foot state-of-the-art campus is headquartered in Sacramento, California. Our upcoming campus will be designed to be compliant with GMP standards and will produce the highest level of safe and comprehensive products in the industry.

Build Progress

The Natura

Genetics & cultivation you can COUNT on

+ Highly Controlled Environment

+ Advanced Automation

+ Licensed & Validated Genetics

Rigorous Testing (GAP compliant)

Manufacturing & extraction you can GROW with

Pharma Grade Extraction

Commercial Kitchen

Massive Capacity

Unparalleled Expertise (GMP compliant)

Distribution that gives you PEACE OF MIND

Independent License

In-House Compliance

On-Site Packaging 

Natura Insights

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My 4:20 flight to cannabis marketing

Dana Callow, CMO | June 4, 2019

“Now boarding group 1, for the 4:20 flight to Denver.” Yes, the flight that has taken me home from my new gig most weekends since the beginning of March departs departs at exactly 4:20. You simply can’t make this stuff up…

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